What is Fahrenheit
Do you have any pets?


I have imaginary one called Steve though



My roommates and I carved pumpkins.

I made this one.


Here it is with a candle.


Happy Halloween.


are there any artists that's an inspiration to you? (mine's huke)

I got inspired from many artists, so I can’t exactly say who.. But some of them are:

Christmas BeetlE




They are the artists I can really think of for now.

huke is the artist who created Black Rock Shooter right? His works are so cool!

woclasscarrier said: …I smell a conspiracy, that aside, i love the extra floof on the tails

Because fluffy tail is justice! Conspiracy? Did I do something wrong? OTL

ray20101 said: Great I bet her songs will charm the whole audience eh? Eh? Am I rite?…..no ok

I think she will! haha. Sona could relax(?) her audience with her W during her concert, so I think Ahri can charm them.

Popstar Ahri suggested by kris-new!

Popstar Ahri suggested by kris-new!

woclasscarrier said: WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO, NOW I CAN HEAR HER SELECTION QUOTE (jokes aside, this is really good. should have commented this yesterday. was finding a joke to put into this comment.-.)

Thank you!! (/ _ \)


The bond of Soul Partner between two intensifies…

ray20101 said: I like it really well done

Thank you so much! I’m really glad/// I’m happy that you liked it :D

greenbaji said: FirefoxAhri XD

Yeah! I never drew this skin before, so I decided to have a go. I like using firefox browser as well. lol (Chrome is fast.. but freezes on my laptop for some reason..)

French toast for breakfast please :D

It’s really ironic that french toast is made without toaster tho… :0

This message made me cook french toast for my midnight snack. lol I forgot to take picture of it.^^;; It was very nice tho. Thank you for suggesting!

Are you capable of run LoL?toaster?

No I cannot